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Showcasing African Fashions

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Fashion From the Motherland
Showcasing fashion form Liberia, Congo, Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda...
Expositions from team visiting Monrovia, Liberia
Presentations from the 2016 Liberia Travel Team  
Date and place to be determined

Email us at B4ytinfo@gmail.com
for more information.

B4 Youth Theatre... Sponsor An Artist Campaign

Our Sponsor an Artist Campaign Began in April. Since then each student has been featured on our social media pages with the goal  of providing year-round arts education experiences. Your contribution of $20 a month supports one child for our annual FREE summer arts education program and a host of year-round community engagement and arts activities.Donate today and receive a bookmark with your child's photo! Donations can be made through B4 Youth Theatre's website or Facebook page via PayPal. Donations can also be sent via check. To learn more about Sponsor an Artist. Contact admin@b4youththeatre.org or call Jasmine at 732-491-7944.



B4 Youth Theatre sup-ports youth in Liberia, Africa.

It is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Visit us at b4youththeatre.org


Unified Sewing for B4 Youth 


We gather to collectively support the youth of B4 Youth Theatre in Liberia, West Africa. Together we are creatively making skirts and short sets for boys and girls ages 5-16.

We solicit your support for our efforts to enhance the lives of many youth.

Thank you, Lynne 

Fridays 5:30-7:30

October 13th and 27th

November 3rd and 17th 

* Space is limited... please call for detailed information 



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