Creativity in Specialties

Garment Bag and Travel Tote

Prerequisite: Get to know your machine/Sewing 101

Learn how to make a travel garment bag and carry on tote. The techniques that wiil be taught in this session include: zipper application, strapping techniques and decorative embellshments.

Fridays 4:00-6:00

May 3, 10, 17 

$125.00 class fee plus cost of supplies

Beach Cover UP and Sarong Beach Wrap

Pre-requisite: Get to Know Your Machine/Sewing 101
Preparing forthe season. in this session, you will learn how to make a beach cover up and sarong to enjoy your time at the beach, wearing your original...

Fridays  4-6 

May 24 and June 7   

 $90.00 per session class fee, plus cost of supplies

Re-Purpose A Garment to Something New

*Pre-requisite: Sewing 101

Give a new purpose to something old. Repurpose and create a new garment or accessory.

This is your time to be creative... let us assist you to redesign and create an original.

Mondays 5-7:00 

April 8, 15

$90.00 Class fee, plus cost of supplies